Feeling left out

Everyone is posting something relevant to the SOPA and PIPA bills so I figured it was time for me to join the conversation. Recently many websites and even some of my favorite blogs here (retrogasm, theclearlydope) have been putting censor bars on their post or blacking out their websites completely to protest these ridiculous bills. If we allow our government to censor OUR Internet what is to stop them from censoring our whole lives? And just in case anyone was wondering there are already countries that do these things such as Communist China, Japan, and during the Third Reich Germany went so far as to not only censor it’s media and teaching but if I remember correctly they also tried to censor their population, I believe we called it the holocaust. Now I’m not saying that the US government is about to go on a psycho nazi tirade and start killing off groups of people that they see as a threat, all I’m saying is that censorship is a slippery slope. If you’re still reading thank you, if not I don’t really blame you. These are just my opinions btw and feel free do disagree and argue any of them if you’d like.

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